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HitBTC Get Main Acccount Balance

Get main acccount balance.

HitBTC Get Deposit Crypro Address

Get deposit crypro address.

HitBTC Create New Deposit Crypro Address

Create new deposit crypro address.

HitBTC Withdraw Crypro

Withdraw crypro.

HitBTC Rollback Withdraw Crypro

Rollback withdraw crypro.

HitBTC Commit Withdraw Crypro

Commit withdraw crypro.

HitBTC Get Account Transactions

Get account transactions.

HitBTC Get Account Transaction By Id

Get account transaction by id.

HitBTC Transfer Amount To Trading

Transfer amount to trading.

HitBTC Get Historical Orders

Get historical orders.

HitBTC Get Historical Trades By Specified Order

Get historical trades by specified order.

HitBTC Get Historical Trades

Get historical trades.

HitBTC Cancel All Open Orders

Cancel all open orders.

HitBTC List Your Current Open Orders

List your current open orders.

HitBTC Create New Order

Create new order.

HitBTC Cancel Order

Cancel order.

HitBTC Get A Single Order By ClientOrderId

Get a single order by clientorderid.

HitBTC Cancel Replace Order

Cancel replace order.

HitBTC Create New Order

Create new order.

HitBTC Candles


HitBTC Available Currencies

Available currencies.

HitBTC Get Currency Info

Get currency info.

HitBTC Orderbook


HitBTC Available Currency Symbols

Available currency symbols.

HitBTC Get Symbol Info

Get symbol info.

HitBTC Ticker List For All Symbols

Ticker list for all symbols.

HitBTC Ticker For Symbol

Ticker for symbol.

HitBTC Trades


HitBTC Get Trading Balance

Get trading balance.

HitBTC Get Trading Fee Rate

Get trading fee rate.

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